Top 3 Email Marketing Strategies

Getting Ahead of the Competition through Emails

It’s no secret that emails have been a staple of modern life, since the Internet became the norm. Since then, the boundaries of email correspondence have been pushed and surpassed, especially due to the steady surge of smartphones. According to a 2014 study by Erik Qualman, more people in the world own smartphones than a toothbrush. With the advent of mobile browsing, people can access their emails anytime, anywhere.

Get this: there are approximately three billion email users worldwide. If you ever need to promote a cause, an event, or a business, it’s always a good idea to go where the people are—right now, they’re on the virtual streets, checking their emails and social media frequently. With this, it would be smart to invest in email marketing. It delivers your message and your product in real-time. It’s not only quick, but it’s also a practical and affordable strategy.

In the average inbox, various messages can get mixed up, causing some to be pushed to the back of the line. With over 120 million emails sent every hour, you need to plan out how to get your emails to the right people, using the right method at the right time. You would want your email to be opened, and not just marked unimportant and be moved to “read-later”, or worse, to the accursed junk folder. Effective email marketing involves more than just typing a few paragraphs. Aside from the text, one should also think about how to package it visually. With a clear idea on how you want to communicate, and how you want your potential clients to react, doing email marketing should help you widen your reach.

Here are a few fail-proof email marketing hacks that you can try.




It’s always good to involve two or more people in coming up with your plan. Cliché as it may sound, but two heads are really better than one. You can discuss what makes emails readable and interesting, subjects that catch their attention, and how to call readers to action effectively. Your email marketing plan can start from this discussion. Remember that you also open emails regularly; what elements would you, as a reader, look for?


Once you have drafted your marketing plan, list down the names of the people you want to reach. Building email lists will make it easier for you to disseminate your message in the fastest way possible. Instead of sending your message to one person at a time, building lists allows you to send your message to a multitude of readers simultaneously. Furthermore, having a regular audience will also create a sense of community. You will be able to develop relationships with your client. Of course, allow yourself to expand your contact list every now and then.


Keep your content crisp and informative. Copywriting will help you make sure that your emails are flawless, readable and easy to digest. Go personal on your clients. Capture them with creative and witty writing that will draw them in to your product. Nothing repels a client more than convoluted words and information. This will make them think you are unprofessional and therefore cannot be trusted. It will also speak about the product that you are trying to sell.

Because we now live in a time where everyone is in such a rush, your clients may not have the time (or the attention span) to read through lengthy product prompts from their emails. With that said, infographics will be your best friend. Aside from capturing the attention of your readers with its graphics, text arrangement and colors, it will communicate your message directly.