7 Things to Look at Before Hiring an SEO Agency

Competition for ranking websites on search engines is on the rise. New ways of optimizing content are being developed every day. We are living in a new era of SEO. This stands for Search Engine Optimization – a technique employed to boost the information contained in websites’ metadata for well indexing in search engines and thus ranking well in the search engine results page (SERP). Hiring an SEO agency for your business is therefore a great step. As a result, it will need to undergo a careful process that will only be concluded after thorough research. This will not only save cost and effort but also regrets resulting from mistakes that could have been avoided easily. Are you planning to hire an SEO agency? We highly recommend http://iflexstudios.com/knoxville-seo/ as the best SEO agency in Knoxville, TN. Before you head over to them read below. Here are 7 things you need to consider before hiring one.
Delivery time
High quality SEO will take time. There is no such thing as instant results or short term solid ranking results. SEO will take time to develop and stabilize, so be prepared to be patient. This is because of the need to constantly create content that meets the peoples’ reading needs, promoting the content, building links and much more. An agency claiming to rank you page one in 20 minutes should be avoided. Look for an honest opinion and not just fancy promises that will not be delivered in the end.
The much you pay is how much you get
High quality SEO services are directly proportional to high pay. This implies that the more you pay, the better the services. According to the MOZ survey on over 600 SEO agencies in 2011, these are the results. Though time has passed the results are still valid. The most common hourly fee for SEO services was $76-200/hour. The most common project-based fee was $1,000-$7,500. The most common monthly fee in the United States was $2,500-$5,000 (although most SEO companies in Australia, England, and India charged $250-$500).Lately, there are several cheap SEO services ranging from $ 99 to a few hundred dollars monthly. These cheaper services are not effective since the payment is proportional to work done. Beware of these very cheap SEO agencies as they will give poor services that will cost you too much in the long run.
Understand the role of SEO
As a business looking to hire a good SEO agency, there is need to understand what the agency will do and what it will not. The main role is to drive traffic to your site and increase its online brand awareness. Content and product creation is solely your role. Understanding this will help prevent future frustration if the agency cannot do what you expected because it is not their role. For example an SEO cannot compensate for bad products.
Find out about the agency’s view on the return on investment
A good agency will focus on your return on investment in as much as it will focus on top rankings. Beware of an agency that does not attach any importance to your return on investments. In as much as top rankings are important, they are not so valuable if they generate no revenue.
The agency being old does not necessarily mean it’s the best
Older agencies have several customers since they have been in the business for long. They are more likely to use the same strategies since their customer base is stable. SEO business is prone to constant changes due to demand and competition. Everyone is out to give the best. Hence newer agencies come up every day to meet the ever changing needs of customers. They will do everything to prove themselves; hence more efforts and quality work. Ensure to check their records though, if none choose another option.
Research rather than believing in the popular beliefs
There is a common belief that the first agency ranking on Google is the best. It could be ranking first because it is the oldest. Avoid assuming they are the best, take time to find out.